Kimberly Veronica: Founder/Designer



the perception was always to walk a fine line with the approval of society. Being raised by masculine energy and being told how to stand up straight and to walk like a woman, wear this, act like that and hearing “little girls don’t do that,” from my father’s voice. Growing with a relentless disobedience to walk my own path, has encourage the journey to redefine society’s standards of an androgynous being and what we are perceived to be. The mission has always been about freedom of self-expression. Introducing  the journey and triumph of the Androgynous beings.

Our Mission 


Androgynous Tales believes that every person should have the freedom to choose the best garments that fits their personality, regardless of the political and religious views of gender roles. Our mission is to create a ambience and movement that brings inclusion to the menswear-inspired fashion industry. Why live within the circle, when you're born to soar outside the parameters. We are a brand that values individuality and human rights.