Menswear From A Women's Perspective


"I call it balanced!"

The Journey

As an adolescent,

the perception was always to walk a fine line, with the approval of society. Being raised by a man, I was always guided on how to stand up straight and to be like a girl; wear this, act like that and hearing “little girls don’t do that,” from my father. Having the desire to rumble through my brothers closest and to falling in love with menswear, had me confused on why I was yarning for both worlds.

Growing with a relentless disobedience to walk my own path, encouraged the journey to redefine society’s standards of being a woman. What does being a woman or man means? Is it defined in our gestures, our clothes or is it the energy we carry. I want to define this avatar of a woman in my own words, not by someone else ideas and beliefs. 

The mission has always been about freedom of self expression. Be you. Following man made rules are for sleeping sheeps, not for the spiritual beings having a human experience.

Our Mission

Gender Thieves believes that every person have the strength of the masculine and the intuition of the feminine within. It's about acknowledging them both and balancing them as much as possible. —Too much of anything can be toxic.. Right? So express yourself relentlessly and unapologetic. Breakthrough the traditional walls and create new ones.

We embrace expressing your inner self through your outer experience. Taking comfort urban inspired styles and blending them with casual wear, to show the balanced entrepreneur, the hustler, the activist.  Style is an extension of your inner self, so express it.

THE BALANCED BRAND. Why live within the circle, when you're born to soar outside the parameters. We value individuality, DOPE STYLE  and human rights.